Friction Feeder

Friction Feeder process up to 18.000 products in less than hour!

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We are experts in feeding solutions

We offer reliable feeders with high technologies. Our machines handle flat products such as sheets of paper, cardboards, folded boxes, flow-pack articles... We offer a range of frictions feeders, tray denesters and collar denesters.  Have a look at our products and contact us to get more information.

We got solution for every product packaging:

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Friction Feeders
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It distributes various products such as sheets of paper, brochures, notebooks, flow-pack items, cardboard boxes and much more!

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Rotating Feeders
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Cones and neck hangers, leaflets at high speed rates. Up to 15000 products per hour. Taken with a vacuum cup.

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Alternating Feeders
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For trays and lifts products. It operates step by step until 60 cycles per hour. We can adjust it for every products and every conveyors.

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Special Shaped
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Sachet cutting machine, High pile feeder, High capacity feeder …

About Ando

Ando looks into the integration of pick and placers into your product lines and conditioning machines. Whether you are interested in a friction, rotary or alternating pick and placer or a high pile feeder, we design, manufacture and tailor our equipment to your individual setup and your mechanical and electrical specifications.

For highly specialised studies, a team of technicians is available in order to provide you with a solution that is tailored to your requirements. One objective, one constant: a flexible price, mainteance and economy.

The Ando team, made up of qualified professionals, offers a high level of involvement and responsibility, responsiveness and the close contact of a small team, and also many years of experience and know-how.

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