Friction Feeder

Friction Feeder process up to 18.000 products in less than hour!

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Long life durability

Friction feeder is made of stainless steel and aluminum. It runs at high speed and offers great reliability in terms of durability and accuracy. After you set up your machine, the only thing you have to care about is keeping the feeder full.

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Easy to use

Setting up is now easy and even non-technical people can learn it in a few minutes. Easy set up and control helps you save costly time spent on training new staff. Our Beijer touch screen is easy to use.

Feeder is straightforward to set up and easily adjustable, reducing set up time when making changes to the size and thickness of the product.

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Fast Investment Return

We know efficiency and number of processed products in defined time period is essential part of your economics. Thanks to long range magazine, most of our costumers reach investment return rapidly after buying the feeder.

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Fits any product

It distributes flat products such as sheets of paper, brochures, notebooks, flow-pack items, cardboard boxes, folded cases and medical instructions.

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Carton Printer
  • Food Packaging
  • Product Packaging Distribution
  • Security Printer
  • Plastic Card Producer (Gift / Loyatly cards)
  • Games / Sports Card Printer
  • Bindery
  • General Printer
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The electrical box is part of the feeder. We integrated the best servo drive Bonfiglioli and the last generation of tactile panel Beijer. Both are multi-protocol and communicate with all brand of automation. All connectors are accessible from outside the electrical box. These choices integrate our constant: flexibility and quality. It’s an evolutionary process that satisfy any request.

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The machine-operator loads a stack of material into the magazine. Products are brought out of the stack sequentially through the use of belts and rollers; then they move toward the exit and placed onto the conveyor. The exit can be vertical or horizontal according to the layout and type of products. The exit is equipped with round or flat belts, with a photocell that enables step by step operation and synchronization with your equipment.

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The feeder is able to accept products from 110gr/m² to 4mm thick. The magazine is 500mm high and is capable of quickly changing size. The loading height depends on the product type. The settings are easily adjustable. The exits are also adjustable with references.

Speed rate: until 300 cycles per minute

Electric supply: 220 volts

Power: 0.28Kw

Air: 6 bar

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Optional devices
  • Long range magazine
  • Counting function
  • Laser marking and barcode checking
  • Detector and product control
  • Support column with electrical height adjustment
  • Full stainless version
  • Specific output (vertical and horizontal)

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