Rotary pick and placer

Rotating Feeder process up to 12.000 products in less than hour!

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High rate of output

This rotary pick and placer can place flat products, neck hangers or cones at a high speed.

It can be mechanically or electrically synchronized with machines such as flowpackers, traypackers and boxing machines etc. It can also be positioned perpendiculary on a conveyor line allowing numerous items to be placed at the same time, in order to increase the rate of output.

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Comprising four universal stainless steel shafts finished off with a rotating head, it grasps the item using suction cups. The rotor turns, takes the item from the 500 mm long magazine, which is tilted at an angle of 30°, and places it the right way round. The item is grasped by the vacuum system (Venturi).

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Technical information

  • Power: Three-phase 380V voltage
  • Pneumatic power: 6 bar (Venturi) – 8/10 or 6/8 pipe
  • Products: flat products, neck hangers, cones and lids
  • Output rate: from 80 to 200 cycles per minute depending on the type of products
  • Magazine: tilted at an angle of 30°, curved, straight or horizontal depending on the type of machine and setup, from 500mm to 1500mm
  • Options: stainless steel version, counting, bar code reading, product checking, branding, placement flap and adhesive dot

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