Tray denester

The tray denester process up to 7200 products in less than hour!

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Alternating feeder

This machine handles leaflets or promotional coupons on a blister packing machine with several lanes. It operates step by step. Several products can be placed one onto another.

The support device is adapted to the blister packing machine. It enables the denesting of trays and blisters. It runs on one lane or more and at a speed rate until 30 cycles per minute. It can be integrated on many types of machines or conveyors in the way of travel or perpendicularly.

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The trays are taken vertically by suction cups, which are tailored to the products and fed by Venturi. They are placed down horizontally on a conveyor by a pendulum system driven by synchronous belts. The pick and placer operates at a fixed speed. Whilst waiting for the horizontal trays, it takes from or receives on a lug the electronic pulse for placement and then, once it has checked that there are no trays, it releases them and looks for others ones during transfer.

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Technical information

  • Power: Three-phase 380V voltage
  • Pneumatic power: 6 bar – 6/8 pipe
  • Products: Trays measuring between 80x40x30 mm and 400x400x50 mm inclusively
  • Output rate: up to 30 cycles per minute per lane, with brushless motor
  • Magazine: 800 mm to 1500 mm horizontally for 1 to 4 lanes
  • Tooling: It is different for each size and comprises a cylinder-mounted clamp with suction cups (2 to 4 per tray) facilitating tray release and a magazine nose with the tray retaining systems. This system operates by means of fixed block rods or sorters and requires excellent tray quality. The tools can be assembled and dismantled very quickly
  • Options: Complete stainless steel version, slugging, counting, placement flap, bar code reading, branding, placement check and adhesive dot

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